Crescent Medical Bridge Limited Benefit Health is a lower-cost option for employers who do not wish to participate in an expensive Major Medical plan, or for those employers who simply cannot afford to do so. It is fully customizable to fit the needs of the employer and their employees. The rates are controlled by allowing the employer to elect only those benefits that fit the needs of the employees. The employer also has the flexibility to decide how much of the employee cost to pay for. As with other indemnity coverage, it provides first dollar coverage and will pay in addition to other private insurance.

QicLink Benefits Exchange (QBE)


QBE is a tool provided as a value added service from TCC for our self funded, HRA and Limited Benefits customers as well as their providers.  Using current web and database technologies the user can have secure access to: 


• See status and claims paid

• Order ID cards

• Check eligibility information

• Check deductibles and out-of-pocket limits


24-Hour Secure Online Access to Claims information.


Visit QicLink Benefits Exchange


*For new users, a password will be sent to you within 2 business days.

EssentialCare a PAI Group* Limited Benefit Fixed Indemnity Medical Plan


The EssentialCare limited benefit fixed indemnity medical insurance solution can be used as a stand-alone health plan, in conjunction with a Minimum Essential Coverage Plan (MEC) or as a Supplemental Plan to major medical coverage.


EssentialCare Highlights

        • No pre-existing condition limitations

        • Dependable administration

        • No medical underwriting

        • No deductibles within the fixed indemnity medical plan

        • Dependent coverage for all plans

        • No coordination with other plans

        • Employer contributions not required

        • Fixed indemnity medical with Rx insurance coverage

        • Ancillary lines such as dental and vision

        • Flexible plan design allows for customizable programs

        • Coverage for physician office visits, hospital services, surgical procedures, and more


Top-rated Provider Networks

        • First Health network of hospitals and physicians

        • Caremark network of pharmacies

        • EyeMed Vision Care network


Administrative Features

        • Enrollment, claim payment, ID card issuance, and customer services

        • Online web administration tools

        • Flexible enrollment option with call center, Internet, IVR, and paper submissions

        • COBRA administration


BCS Insurance Limited Benefit Markets

        • Employer/employee relationship with 100+ hourly employees

        • Young populations with average age under 45

        • High turnover and/or waiting period-based populations

        • Industries include national restaurant franchises, hotel chains, department stores, and staffing companies

A huge network for huge savings
TCC’s fully insured and self-funded plans gain access to South Carolina’s largest provider network – and more choices mean more savings.  Using the most extensive network in the state, employees receive the highest level of benefits available when they choose a network provider.  Providers file all claims for employees – and providers cannot balance-bill patients for more than the negotiated rate.
By the numbers, our provider network:
        • Includes more than 10,000 network physicians
        • Counts 90 % of the state’s family practitioners, OB/GYNs and pediatricians as members
TCC uses the First Health network for groups outside of South Carolina.  But we are open to using other regional networks outside of South Carolina as the situation dictates.

*PAI Group is Health and Wellness, Property and Casualty administration of employee benefit plans and product options, leveraging system efficiencies to enable more customizable and cost effective benefit solutions for our clients.