Report Fraud

Do you suspect fraud? We encourage you to let us know. Remember, you can remain anonymous! Please include as many details as possible. Listed below are several ways you can reach us:


TCC Benefits Administrator - Compliance Officer: 800-815-3314, extension 227


Write us at:

TCC Benefits Administrator
P.O Box 63477
North Charleston, SC 29419


Help Us Stop Fraud

Do you know who our biggest ally is in the fight against insurance fraud? You are!


TCC Benefits Administrator works with federal, state and local law enforcement agencies to prosecute fraud cases. Tips from customers and providers help us do our job. Why is this important to you?


Because if you're a customer, you pay hard-earned money for your health plan coverage. When folks try and beat the system and make us pay more than our share, rates can rise for everyone!


If you're a health care professional, you work hard to establish a good reputation in the community. If you're a member of the TCC Benefits Administrator network, you are one of our valuable partners in helping your patients enjoy secure health coverage. When folks file false claims or other health care professionals commit fraud, it hurts us all.


There are many different types of fraud. Here are just a few examples:



  • Letting someone else who does not have coverage use their ID cards
  • Filing false claims
  • Changing dates of service

Doctors and Health Care Professionals:

  • Billing for services the patient never received
  • Filing claims for unnecessary procedures
  • "Unbundling" charges — taking one overall procedure and filing each step as a separate item
  • Filing a claim for a more expensive procedure than the one actually given